What are the benefits of being a GCR member?

There are so many! Being a member of the GCR provides  you with:

-A welcoming community that hosts weekly Pub Quizzes and Movie Nights, as well as open mic nights, Formals, parties, and other events throughout the year!

-FREE Induction Week Activities!

-Discounted tickets to Formals, trips, and other GCR events

-Facilities such as the bar projector, pool tables, movie room, and anything else you find in Fisher House or Sheraton Park! Don’t forget about those comfy leather couches!

-The ability to represent Ustinov in a Team, Club, or Society

-FREE invitation to the Summer BBQ!

-Really, the benefits are limitless. If you aren’t already a GCR member, find out below how to become a part of this incredible community!

How do I become a GCR member?

Whether you live in Ustinov College (Sheraton Park, Howlands, or Keenan House) or live out, you should have received an e-mail from the University asking if you wished to opt-out of paying to be a member of the Ustinov GCR. If you did not uncheck the box, then you have already paid to be a member!

For those who chose to opt out and have since decided they would like to join, we ask that you pay £40 to the GCR Office during our office hours.

How do I start a GCR affiliated sports team, club, or society?

A society which is not currently affiliated to the GCR may become so affiliated if it fulfills all the following conditions:

a. The society has at least 5 members.
b. The society has a written constitution that complies with these regulations.
c. At least 3 of the society’s members are members of the GCR.
d. It is willing to close any bank accounts with a bank other than the one nominated
by the GCR in accordance with these regulations.
e. The Society has held a General Meeting which has agreed in accordance with the
Society’s constitution to seek affiliation to the GCR, or else the Society’s members all
joined the society on the understanding that it was to seek affiliation to the GCR.
f. It submits the following documents:
i) A constitution
ii) A ratification form, containing the names and details of its President,
Secretary, and Treasurer.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Clubs and Societies Officer at cs.ustinovgcr@durham.ac.uk

How do I join a sports team, club, or society?

Induction week is a great time to learn about all of the different involvement activities at Ustinov and speak to the Captains in person! Check out our Induction Calendar for more details.

Missed induction week? No problem! Simply contact one of the Sports Captains or Clubs/Societies Captains.

Where do I buy a formal ticket? And how many tickets can I buy?

Formal tickets can be purchased at the GCR Office during our open hours. Ticket prices are as follows:

GCR members: £12

Non-GCR members: £17

You may buy 1 ticket for yourself and 1 ticket for someone else, either GCR member or non-GCR member. No one is permitted to purchase more than 2 tickets.

For the 2017/18 Year, the formal schedule is as follows:

  • 3 November – Bonfire Night Formal
  • 1 December – Christmas Formal
  • 26 January – Burns Night Formal
  • 22 March – Castle Formal
  • 15 June – Summer Ball at Beamish Hall

How do I put on an event?

The first step to putting on an event is filling out the Events Booking Form to reserve a space on the Howlands Sites. This is sent directly to the college and they will contact you regarding your reserved location. Remember to advertise your event on social media and send in a newsletter item request form so your event will be featured in the weekly GCR newsletter!

Can I reserve the projector in the bar?

Yes! Simply fill out the projector booking form to reserve your program!

How do I join the Howlands gym?

There are three steps to joining the gym in the Howlands Building:

Step 1: Fill out the gym membership form. This can be found on the Forms tab or as a hard copy outside the GCR Office.

Step 2: Pay the £20 membership fee (which covers your membership for the whole academic year!)

Step 3: Attend a gym induction.

Once all three of these steps have been completed, your student card will be activated by CIS for gym access (this can sometimes take a week).

How do I join the Sheraton Park gym?

We are still working with College to determine how to set up access to the Sheraton Park gym, once it is completed.

What does the poetry inscribed upon large stone tablets around Sheraton Park mean?

It is a complex cryptographic cipher, which when decoded will reveal the Secret of Sheraton Park.

What is underneath the mound?

We dare not ask.

I still have a question that wasn’t answered on this list – where do I go now?

Find the appropriate GCR committee member here!