Quick Guide – Committee Web

The GCR is made up of a committee of elected student officers who represent the needs of postgraduate students. We are divided into the following:

GCR Committee Chart 2

Executive Committee

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, DSU Liaison Officer, Social Secretary, Induction Officer**, Communications Officer, Bar Steward, Clubs + Societies, International Student Officer, Welfare Officer, and Chairperson

Facilities Committee

Vice President*, Treasurer, International Student Officer, Eco-Representative, Livers Out Representative**, Howlands Representative**, Dryburn Representative**, and President

Finance Committee

Treasurer*, Assistant Treasurer, Social Secretary, Clubs + Societies Officer, and President

Social Committee

Social Secretary*, Deputy Social Secretary, Press Secretary, Communications Officer, Formal Secretary, Ball Secretary, International Student Officer, ENTS Officer**, DUCK Liaison Officer**, Video Master**, Tech Officer, Bar Steward, and President

Communications Committee

Communications Officer*, Press Secretary, Webmaster, Tech Officer, and President

Clubs & Societies Committee

Clubs + Societies Officer*, Sports Representatives (2)**, President of Societies**, Captain of Clubs**, and President

Welfare Committee

Welfare Officer*, LGBT Representative, International Student Officer, Male Welfare Representative**, Female Welfare Representative**, and President

Steering Committee

Chairperson* and Election Officers (2)**


*Indicates Chair of Committee

**Indicates vacant position