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Ustinov Ultimate Frisbee Team Talk Tactics

Ustinov College, as well as offering many different spaces to work and to socialise, has much going on beyond the four walls of Fisher House. There are sports and other clubs that you can get involved in to make your experience at Ustinov a richer one. Naturally these activities can give you the opportunity to meet other people outside of your flat and academic studies, or if you’re just a good old fashioned competitive sportsman at heart, there will hopefully be something for you!

For those with an athletic disposition Ustinov has large teams for football, basketball and hockey (with both men’s and women’s teams), cricket and the ever increasing in popularity; ultimate frisbee. If you’re more the reserved type and prefer those sports that can be played “beer in hand” then pool or darts teams, as well as boasting great success at Ustinov are also accommodating to most skill levels.

Aside from the organised team sports, Howland’s hall, a shared space with Josephine Butler College can be booked out for activities such as badminton and table tennis as a good way to spend that rainy Sunday afternoon out of your room to take a well-deserved break from work! Or if you know a few folks who share a passion and would like to use the hall for classes, this can be arranged through the GCR if a qualified instructor can be found. In the past salsa and capoeira classes have been held in the hall with a good, regular and enthusiastic turnout!

Societies and Clubs
Currently Ustinov College offers the popular Jazz Band, Choir and Gaming Societies.

Due to the large turnover of students at Ustinov College, what with the majority of the population being Masters students, the variety of things offered may not be as broad, but they do contain individuals dedicated to their chosen extracurricular activity. If there is something you would like to get involved in but cannot find listed here, you can always contact your resident Clubs and Societies officer and they can help you either start up a new club or point you in the right direction of a bountiful club of your choosing within another college!

A word from Clubs and Societies Officer Jasmine Cross (2015-16)

When I first arrived at Ustinov I wanted to get as much out of the experience as possible. I decided to take what had just been a past time in the pub to the next level and volunteered to Captain one of the lower division pool teams. It was even more enjoyable than I had hoped and was a fantastic way to spend my down time outside of my PhD. The collegiate system accentuates the competitive nature within any sport you take up while you’re at Durham, increasing your drive to get better all the time. I was also lucky enough to play for the Women’s Pool Team in the BUCS University Pool Competition in Great Yarmouth where my team won Bronze in the women’s team event. From a few frames on a Friday night to 18 months down the line I’d won an award for a sport that I absolutely love and Ustinov helped me achieve that! Mine might be an exceptional case taking something that seriously that I went to compete nationally in that sport, but it just shows you what you can do with your time here if you find a passion alongside your academic one.


A list of all the current clubs and societies can be found below. If you would like to join a club or society, just email the contact you’ll find in the list below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then perhaps you might consider Setting Up a New Club or Society.



Men’s A Team –

Men’s B Team –

Women’s A Team –


Men’s A Team –

Men’s B Team –

Women’s A Team –


Men’s A Team –

Women’s A Team – charlotte.o’


Mixed A Team –


Mixed Indoor/Outdoor Team –


Mixed A Team –


Mixed A Team


Mixed A Team –


Choir & Jazz Band /

Bible Study –

(board) Gaming Society –